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Further, describes how intercultural competence is viewed in the context of multicultural teams, and outlines the basis for researching and practicing intercultural competence.</em></p> V.A. Melnik Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1450 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 The Impact of Digitalization on the Educational Environment https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1451 <p><em>The article considers the material revealing the essence of the educational environment, gives the author's definition of the educational environment as a set of opportunities and competencies that are realized and formed as a result of the educational environment for a student using the means of various information systems; described is the influence of digital technologies on the level of education, which ultimately forms a digital educational environment, as well as a number of factors of the effect of digitalization on the educational environment. The author concludes that digitalization is not only online courses, distance learning and electronic scheduling, but digitalization is a complex system that shows how the educational process goes, how it affects the quality of the final educational result and what level of required competencies it forms.</em></p> O.V. Mashevskaya Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1451 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 Values in Modern Education and Moral Upbringing of the Individual https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1452 <p><em>The material is devoted to moral upbringing in the modern information space and priority directions for forming value orientations of students. Special attention is paid to the formation of citizenship in the humanistic system of education of students.</em></p> I.L. Searko, T.V. Kalenchuk Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1452 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 The Results of the Organization of Physical Education of Students in the Integrated Educational Physical Culture and Sports Environment https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1453 <p><em>The article presents the results of research on the development and implementation of the concept of increasing the effectiveness of physical education of students into the educational process of a higher education institution, based on the organization of an integrated educational physical culture and sports environment.</em> <em>The main feature of the author's concept is the organization of an integrated educational physical culture and sports environment, which is created in accordance with the objectives of the educational process and physical culture and sports needs of students.</em><em> The details of the organization of the educational process within the P.E. discipline in the conditions of the implementation of physical education of students in the integrated educational physical culture and sports environment associated with a gradual reduction of auditorium classes with a teacher and an increase in the proportion of controlled independent work are revealed. Controlled independent work is presented as the main link of the concept of increasing the effectiveness of physical education of students, based on the organization of an integrated educational physical culture and sports environment. </em><em>The features of the introduction of controlled independent work of students in the context of the implementation of physical education in an integrated educational physical culture and sports environment are revealed. </em><em>The article presents an analysis of the effectiveness of physical education of students in the conditions of an integrated educational physical culture and sports environment, which is expressed in the change in the indicators of physical readiness of the experimental groups EG/w and EG/m and control groups CG/w and CG/m. The results of the study of the dynamics of the level of physical readiness of the experimental groups EG/w and EG/m and the control groups CG/w and CG/m are presented.</em></p> M.V. Gavrilik Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1453 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 Сущностная характеристика понятия «взаимодействие» в системе «учитель-ученик» https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1454 <p><em>В статье раскрывается сущностная характеристика понятия «взаимодействие», представлены понятийные интерпретации данного термина, имеющиеся в научных исследования, а также аргументируется необходимость развития информационно-сетевого взаимодействия в системе «учитель-ученик» с использованием современных коммуникационных технологий.</em></p> Ж.Н. Науменко Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1454 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 The Universality of Envy as its Attributive Property https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1455 <p><em><strong>Purpose:</strong></em> <em>to justify universality as an attribute of envy based on the analysis of theoretical and empirical studies of the envy phenomenon. </em><strong><em>Results:</em></strong><em> the envy universality is substantiated scientifically as its attribute based on the analysis of theoretical and empirical studies of the envy phenomenon. A brief review of the interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the universality phenomenon is carried out. The revealed patterns can be applied to further systematic theoretical study of envy and the development of diagnostic tools for its empirical studies. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> taking into account the external and internal determinants of envy and relying on the system-relational approach to the study of envy by T.V. Beskova, we note that the socio-psychological nature of envy is that anyone can experience envy, including a successful one (since the assessment of success is subjective). Based on the analysis and generalization of the researchers’ views, we can conclude that the idea of universality and the envy inevitability is dominant and defines methodological approaches to theoretical and empirical research of envy as a complex structured phenomenon. It suggests the possibility of considering envy as a basic anthropological category in interpersonal relationships. However, the universality of envy does not exclude individual differences in the intensity and the level of envy manifestation stability, as well as in the subject field of envy.</em></p> A. Mikelevich Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1455 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 Traditions of French Philosophical Prose in the Modern Philosophical-Allegorical Novel https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1456 <p><strong><em>Objective</em></strong><em>: to identify the traditions of French philosophical prose of the Enlightenment in the artistic system of the modern philosophical and allegorical novel (using the example of works of French, English and Belarusian prose). <strong>Materials</strong>: work of A. Adamovich, T. Bondar, U. Karatkev</em><em>і</em><em>ch, V. Kaz'ko, J.-&nbsp;M. G. Le Clézio, A. M</em><em>і</em><em>nk</em><em>і</em><em>n, Montesquieu, U. Nyaklyaey, Vercors. <strong>Methods:</strong> dialectic, genetic, hermeneutic, structural-semiotic, intertextual, systemic. <strong>Results</strong> of the study can be used in the further study of the philosophical and allegorical novel from the standpoint of modern aesthetics, cultural studies, literary criticism, comparative studies, which, in turn, will deepen understanding of the modern literary process. <strong>Conclusion.</strong> For understanding the specifics of the formation of modern Belarusian philosophical prose, the experience of the French novel of the 18th century is especially important and indicative. In the Belarusian philosophical and allegorical novel, the following specific features, conditioned by the tradition of French prose of the Enlightenment, should be noted: an uncommon plot, a parabolic composition, a universal type of character, a system of characters as a series of doubles, an abstracted chronotope, a monologue type of discourse. These features define the artistic whole of the modern philosophical and allegorical novel.</em></p> О.F. Jilevich, I.I. Shmatkova Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1456 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 Sociological Discourse of Culture: Experience in Interpretation https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1457 <p><em>The authors construct in the article a consistent justification for dividing culture into material, social and spiritual. The opinion is substantiated that such a decomposition of culture in sociological discourse is supplemented by data from modern psychology, which speak in favor of just such a structure of human needs. The authors give the point of view that such a methodological solution to the problem is of the most general nature and requires further development and concretization, while they note that this approach is promising, in particular, in that it makes it possible to transfer such a complex problem of the social sciences into the sphere of specific sociological research as a problem of values. It is quite obvious that social values are not arbitrary phenomena, but functions of human needs, and therefore can be investigated by empirical methods.</em></p> A.K. Mamedov, E.D. Korkiya, M.G. Volnistaya Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1457 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 Models of Relations between the State and the Church in the Political History of Russia https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1458 <p><em>This article </em><em>is devoted to the study of state-church relations from the period of the adoption of Christianity to the beginning of the XXI century. The author analyzes the peculiarities of the formation of three models of relations between the state and the church on the basis of ideology, political structure and approaches to religious politics.</em></p> N.A. Khaustova Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1458 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 Information-Educational Environment and Security of the Modern Person https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1459 <p><em>The article presents the author's view on the peculiarities of the formation of the information and educational environment and the safety of the modern person in the information society, which actualizes the innovative development of the model of civil education in the Republic of Belarus.</em></p> A.A. Sokolova, S.N. Sokolova Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1459 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 Забеспячэнне нацыянальнай бяспекі ў экалагічнай сферы органамі і падраздзяленнямі па надзвычайных сітуацыях: прававыя і арганізацыйныя аспекты https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1437 <p><em>У артыкуле аýтар звяртае ýвагу на арганізацыйныя і прававыя аспекты забеспячэння нацыянальнай бяспекі ў экалагічнай сферы, у тым ліку роль органаў і падраздзяленняў па надзвычайных сітуацыях Рэспублікі Беларусь у даннай дзейнасці.</em></p> В.А Хрокалаỳ Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1437 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 The Establishment of the Belarusian Red Cross Society in 1920s https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1448 <p><em>The article characterizes the process of the formation of the Belarusian Society of Red Cross at the beginning of the 1920s. The organizational structure of the Belarusian Red Cross was characterized, its composition, essence of activity were studied. It is shown, that at the beginning of its existence the Belarusian Red Cross’s main activities were the assistance to refugees and struggle against poverty and hunger, but this activity was limited due to the weak resources of the Society. The main factors, that predetermined the weakness of the Red Cross organization – the Polish-Soviet War and postwar poverty of the population of Belarus were revealed. It was proved, that due to the consequences of the New Economic Policy the Belarusian Red Cross faced serious financial problems, which were solved with the assistance of the state that led to its growing influence on the Red Cross by the mid-1920s. </em></p> А.А. Kapliyev Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1448 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300 Problems and Trends of Development of National Security Issues Legal Regulation https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1449 <p><em>An attempt to analyze a problem of development of national security legal regulation issues in a contest of «hybrid threats» is made in this article. Authors emphasize place and role of information in modern society, and objective and subjective elements of modern security system. Necessity of modern democratic state organization theory and practice review is underlined with the aim of effective personal and society security system promotion.</em></p> А.S. Brichkov, G.А. Nikonorov, А.А. Pertsev Copyright (c) 2020 https://ojs.polessu.by/BPSBS1/article/view/1449 Пн, 28 дек 2020 00:00:00 +0300