Expanding the spectrum of intercultural interaction in the field of tourism (on the example of the Republic of Belarus and Lebanon)


  • I.N. Arashkevich Полесский государственный университет, г. Пинск, Республика Беларусь

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tourism, intercultural interaction, forms of intercultural communication, tourism activities, Lebanon, Belarus


The article is devoted to the study of interaction between the Republic of Belarus and the Lebanese Republic in the field of tourism. It assesses the prospects for the strategic development of cooperation between the states. The author identifies the problems and reserves of interrelationship. Main factors that determine the conditions of potential intercultural interaction, such as interest in cultural heritage (including Christian religious sights and shrines), desire to get education in Belarus and chances to be engaged in ecotourism are highlighted. It is stated that despite existing difficulties, there are still chances for strategic cooperation as counties concluded agreements in fields connected with tourism.

It is outlined that the increase in cultural diversity of modern humanity requires the creation of new approaches to preservation and development of their integrity and cultural appearance. It is relevant for both Belarus and Lebanon in 2022 as far as both countries face the same struggle of their image being undervalued around the globe. New ideas were proposed to improve the development of tourism in the countries.

The results obtained can be used by organizations and enterprises involved in the tourist and excursion sphere when developing new sightseeing routes and tours or choosing a strategy for expanding the target audience of tourists.

Биография автора

I.N. Arashkevich, Полесский государственный университет, г. Пинск, Республика Беларусь

Instructor at Intercultural Communications Department

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Историко-культурные аспекты туризма и гостеприимства